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Cheap dinosaurs is a psychedelic synth rock band that creates instrumental music. Based out of Philadelphia and led by Dino Lionetti, Cheap Dinosaurs' etherial experience combines catchy melodies with jagged, rusty, driving rhythms, arcade aesthetics, loud guitars, and dirty synthesizer leads. The band is a collective of game composers and technoligists who are instrumentalists: Paul [chipocrite.com] creates music for the company Cleaversoft, Dino works freelance and has composed for River City Ransom Underground and High Strangeness, and Joey [nmlstyl.com] works in the retro homebrew community along with creating art assets and code for the band. Rhythmic mercenary Kev ties everything together with pinpoint drumming accuracy and a history of propping up bands such as Close to Good and Super Strikers, the Bravewave label's in-house band. Dino also works with Bravewave arranging and playing keys. Over the course of a decade they have played events and venues such as: